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Kippur Critiques

A close look a bad literature

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A community where Kippur critiques bad books
In the Beginning

In the Year 2006 Kippur graduated from university and found himself bored. While trolling upon the internet he discovered the existence of the book known as "Eragon". He had seen Eragon before in the book stores but found nothing special or interesting about it, certainly not enough to pick it up. However the internets provided an opportunity. Kippur was afraid that his analytical skills were getting rusty, what better way then (or so he thought at the time) to keep them sharp than to analyze a book, chapter by chapter?

And so he picked Eragon.

And it snowballed from there.
Some Handy Links

Eragon Eldest Inheritance
The Fifth Sorceress Touching Spirit Bear
Dansce Macabra The DaVinci Code

A Note
If you're wondering why there are no comments on any of the posts before Inheritance it's because I copied the over from my personal journal making some minor edits. The comments didn't come with. However, feel free to comment on them here.
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